10 Best Offline Zombie Games For Android

This is vitally important to do it in advance so that you can use the base when you combat with zombies in this country. Choose a troop and make sure their equipment is powerful enough to combat with zombies. You can also drive BMPs and cars to move faster in the arena.

  • Makes it into the list for serving a unique gaming experience that you won’t find in other zombie games.
  • In Kill Shot Virus, another successful production in the FPS genre, you try to stop the virus and protect the survivors.
  • Cards of the Dead takes bits of the excellent Death Road to Canada and splices it with card games for an usual cocktail that still goes down smooth.
  • Now, this is hands down one of the most spectacular survival games.
  • Kill zombies, find survivors, and collect supplies to create your legacy.
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Whenever you choose to let another stranger into your growing base, you are letting in another playable character; another new story to write a middle and an end to. State of Survival is a game that’s very obviously been influenced by The Walking Dead, with many things that will be familiar to those who are fans of the franchise. Nonetheless, if you’ve ever thought that you’d like the experience of taking care of a group of survivors in that world, then this is a game that you should definitely take for a spin. Added to this lineup of hostile ‘Los Illuminados’ are monstrous ‘Verdugos’ and chainsaw-wielding madmen; all of whom Leon Kennedy must deal with at different points. With a perfect blend of action, puzzle-solving, and cinematic flair, this game fast became a hit and remains one to this day. The visuals are stunning in this 2019 remake, with dynamic lighting and particle effects that really set the mood and make the campaign all the scarier.

Zombiestan VR

The developer provided this information and may update it over time. That one play session might be dominated by your desire to find the absolute best chef in the area to keep your gang well-fed. And then the next might be dominated by the paranoia that something might happen to that chef you so carefully rescued and brought back to base. Makes a change from rifling through containers for ammo clips.

You may choose to play as a Horror flick, who gets extra health by rapidly killing enemies, a Fixer, who places traps in safe areas, or even one of four additional classes. Whatever character you select to level up first, you’ll get to fire a lot of lead into sliding walls of decaying flesh. It’s difficult to walk down the street on PC without zombie games grabbing at your leg, so it’s a legitimate concern. Don’t write off the genre because there are a few brainless clones – we’ve compiled a list of some of the zombie games to hit PC.
A mixture of racing game and zombie shooter app, Zombie Roadkill is an exciting action packed game. Race your car through the hoards of the zombie apocalypse and gun them down with a choice of 10 weapons before they close in around you. The protagonist, Lee Everett is tasked with protecting a young girl in the zombie apocalypse along with a group of survivors. The game puts a strong emphasis on story and character development which are directly influenced by your conversation choices and actions in a particular time frame.

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Craft weapons with unique abilities to help cut, burn and bleed your enemies out. Trade with other factions so that you both may prosper, but do not consider them your allies. You cannot fear the dead, you must conquer them and continue to scavenge and forage for useful materials. If you cannot find what you need, steal what you need from other survivors before they pillage your camp first.

Eventually, the outbreak spread infecting the entire city. Now, you are hired to kill them all and to rescue some of the survivors including a pretty girl who will assist you on your mission. You do not control the movement here as the game will walk you through to new locations automatically and you will have to shoot the zombies wherever you find yourself. We have compiled a list of some of the best zombie games ever made and we will keep modifying the list as soon as we find something better for you. In this first person game you will have to take on the zombies that stand in your way.

The interactive gameplay mode of this game will make you addicted to this game. Different task modes and various types of zombies like quick, strong, remote attack, and powerful boss. There are a total of five-game playing roles with different features that you can play with. You can use many weapons and tricks to kill groups of undead. Enjoy strategic gameplay by setting up and improving the defense of the villages. Dead Rising 4, a zombie survival beat’em up, is the latest instalment in the Dead Rising franchise.

Real Time Multiplayer Strategy Games

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Zombie Shooter makes it onto this list. Honestly, you’d have to mess up pretty badly for a zombie game not to be fun. Therefore, Zombie Shooter proves to be an enjoyable game that can be played all year round – zombies are for life, not just for the spooky season.

Experience the intense 4 player co-op narrative campaign, competitive multiplayer as human or Ridden, and frenetic gameplay that keeps you in the action. It’s a cute tower defense strategy game where you put plants to defend your house from incoming zombies. Unlike other games where you wildly smack zombies and blow their brains off, here, you plant various vegetables that will help defend your house from hordes of zombies. Evil dead is, in fact, a fifth-player playing as the Monster mode that will do anything to stop players from achieving such a goal.
The graphics are presented in 3D and this game has been played by 50 million Android users. So, these were the top 5 zombie survival games that are available on the Android platform which do have the potential to uplift the Zombie Survival genre. Zombie Attackis one of the most polished Roblox games you can find on the platform. It’s a wave-basedshooterthat you level up in over time in cooperative multiplayer. The game’s enjoyed frequent and consistent updates since its launch, and has massed more than 44 million visits.
From AMC’s long-running series to multiple spin-off shows, The Walking Dead has even made its way into the world of video games. This narrative-driven, choice-based game will have players moving through chapters of engaging stories comparable to that of the AMC flagship show. The game itself is more in line with the comic book series that put The Walking Dead on the map in the first place.


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