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No list of best horror survival games is complete without Capcom’sResident Evil. Re-released in 2002, it’s actually a remake of the original Resident Evil game. Here you will play either as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, who is sent to investigate a series of mysterious murders which took place in the Raccoon City, a fictional town set in the Midwest. Your character, Joel can use a wide range of weapons throughout the game including shotguns, rifles, bows and even baseball bats if necessary. Other sorts of equipment including health kits can either be crafted or collected. As usual, players can strike enemies directly however you can also take a more covert approach if it suits you.

The game begins with a plot where the world faces a zombie outbreak, and only a few people, including you, are the only humans left alive. An organization named “Dawn break” claims that humans still have a chance to survive if bitten by a zombie. In that case, they will lose the appearance of an average human but not their consciousness. World War Z is loosely inspired by the 2006 novel and the 2013 movie of the same name.

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You could play as a Slasher who gets extra health from taking out enemies in quick succession, a Fixer who lays down traps to secure areas, or one of four other classes. Whoever you decide to level up first, you’ll get to unload plenty of lead into moving walls of rotten flesh. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews.

Improve your business on Earth and expand the secret laboratory. Welcome to the world full of these bloodthirsty creatures. It’s time to destroy and profit from the invasion of the undead. In total, the game has 40 unique achievements, as well as the ability to defeat four insidious bosses.

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If you love fighting and shooting, try 9 Best Army Simulator Games. Once upon a time, there was a wizard who once made so that those who have died long ago raised. A nightmare is coming upon mankind, and we need to decide what to do next.


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